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Breast Augmentation 25

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Age:                         31

Incision:                   Infra-mammary

Implant:                   275cc Silicone gel

Placement:              Sub-pectoral/biplanar

This patient underwent a breast lift/reduction elsewhere. She felt her nipples were left too high and the breasts excessively lax and small. It is very difficult to bring nipples down without scarring, yet it is relatively easy to raise them if they are too low. Here an augmentation was combined with a transverse (and vertical) resection of skin to shorten the distance between the infra-mammary fold and the nipple-areolar complex (NAC). It also tightened the breast side to side. This had the effect of pushing the implant up to a more normal relationship with the NAC. It may have to be repeated in the coming years if the skin stretches.

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