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Enhancing Nipple Projection in Palos Verdes, CA

There was a time when women would put covers or bandaids on their nipples to hide them, and whenever their outline showed through clothing, this would spark jokes about the temperature in the room.

Those times are gone, and prominent nipples are nothing to be ashamed of — in fact, they are considered feminine, attractive, and even sexy. Unfortunately, some women struggle with inverted or flat nipples, either as a genetic condition or as a result of body changes due to pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Brian Boyd for a Nipple Enhancement Procedure?

Dr. Brian Boyd is a Professor of Surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He is an expert in breast augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction.

He provides nipple enhancement surgery as a long-lasting solution for nipples that do not have the desired projection because they are inverted or flat. He also offers dermal fillers to plump the nipple for a minimally invasive alternative or to use in combination with the surgical option.

Dr. Boyd works hard to safely deliver the excellent results his patients desire because he genuinely cares about their well-being and cosmetic goals.

If you are interested in enhancing your nipple projection and live in or near Palos Verdes, California, call Dr. Boyd today at (310) 597-4734. Dr. Boyd offers nipple enhancement surgery for women in California from Los Angeles to Long Beach.

What Are the Benefits of Nipple Projection Surgery?

Dr. Boyd’s surgical approach can restructure the nipple to increase and balance its prominence. Nipple enhancement surgery is a more permanent solution than injectable fillers, and in most cases, no additional treatment is needed.

However, if your nipple projection surgery is combined with injectable fillers, maintenance sessions every six months to a year may be required.

His nipple enhancement techniques provide the following benefits:

  • Minimal scars
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Helping women look sexier in their favorite clothes
  • Only requires a local anesthetic, so general anesthesia is unnecessary

Are You a Candidate for Nipple Enhancement?

This simple surgery requires that you are in good overall health and want more prominent nipples. You should not smoke. If you do, be willing to stop for a couple of weeks before and after surgery.

What Is Discussed During Your Nipple Enhancement Consultation?

Your current health status and the goals you have for nipple projection will be reviewed. Dr. Boyd will explain the procedure to you and the results you can expect. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss all of your cosmetic concerns and desires.

Your nipples and areola will be examined, and a customized surgical plan will be created. Photographs will also be taken for a “before” image.

How Is Nipple Projection (Enhancement) Surgery Performed?

Nipple enhancement surgery uses the same technique as used for nipple inversion correction, which was first used in the 1980s.

After administering a local anesthetic (with or without optional sedation), triangular incisions are made within the areola at the base of the nipple-areola complex (NAC) to make flaps that are folded underneath the nipple for support. These are then sutured together to push the nipple up.

The milk ducts are often found to be shortened, tethering the nipples in an inverted position. Correction then involves the division of these ducts to release the nipple.

What Procedures Can I Combine With Nipple Enhancement Surgery?

Any breast procedure can be performed at the same time as nipple projection surgery. However, general anesthesia may be needed. These include:

You can also combine cosmetic fillers with nipple projection surgery.

Non-Surgical Nipple Enhancement

Injectable fillers can also be used to enhance nipple projection, and this option is best for women who plan to breastfeed in the future.

Sometimes, after nipple projection surgery, patients opt to use an injectable filler to improve their results further. This is unnecessary in most cases but can provide additional plumpness to the nipple if desired.

What Are Nipple Injections Made Of?

The dermal fillers used by Dr. Boyd contain hyaluronic acid. This substance is made naturally in our bodies, so it is safe and not subject to allergic reactions or rejection.

What Are My Nipple Injectable Filler Options?

Dr. Boyd prefers to use JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC, Restylane®, and RHA®. In some cases, fat transfer can be used to enhance nipples.

What Are Your Concerns?

Is Nipple Enhancement Surgery Safe?

Nipple enhancement surgery is safe and rarely results in significant complications. Discuss any breastfeeding plans with Dr. Boyd.

What Is Recovery Like After Nipple Correction?

After your nipple projection surgery, if you do not opt for sedation, you will be able to drive yourself home. You will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment, at which time Dr. Boyd will examine your nipples to check their healing progress.

Nipple enhancement patients usually have an easy and quick recovery, although this can vary when choosing to combine this procedure with other surgeries.

You can expect to feel some sensitivity on and around your nipples for a few days, and there will be some swelling and bruising. Follow these tips for the best results:

  • Change the dressing every day to avoid infection
  • Do not bend or lift heavy objects, and avoid strenuous activity for a couple of weeks
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Avoid getting the gauze wet for 24 hours
  • After showering, blow-dry your incisions and dressings using the cool setting
  • If you have discomfort, use over-the-counter pain relievers or call Dr. Boyd for a prescription

You may experience some discharge (drainage) from your nipple for a few weeks, which is no cause for concern.

Does Nipple Projection Surgery Cause Scarring?

While scars are typically not prominent, there have been cases when scarring developed within the NAC, causing a new reduction in nipple projection. If this happens, revision surgery may be required.

Will Breastfeeding Be Possible After Nipple Enhancement Surgery?

While breastfeeding is always difficult with inverted nipples, nipple projection surgery cannot correct this issue, and nursing will not be an option after this procedure.

Nipple Enhancement Surgery FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does nipple projection surgery provide permanent results?

This procedure offers long-lasting and often permanent results. If excessive scar tissue develops within the nipple and causes it to flatten, revision surgery or an injectable filler may be required.

Who needs nipple enhancement surgery?

There are many different kinds of nipple irregularities, including inverted, multiple, divided, asymmetrical, flat, or protruding, and each side can be different. Anyone unhappy with the appearance of their nipple(s) can benefit from Dr. Boyd’s expertise.

Am I a good candidate for nipple projection surgery?

If you have inverted nipples, asymmetric nipples, or enlarged areolas, you may be an ideal candidate for nipple correction surgery. You should be a non-smoker at a stable weight and in good overall health.

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