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Arm Lift

Aging and/or significant weight loss can lead to excess hanging skin on the upper arms between the elbows and shoulders. Sometimes we refer to this as a “bat wing deformity”. Brachioplasty, or arm lift surgery, is designed to restore tighter upper arms by removing fat and excess skin.

What Are the Benefits of an Arm Lift?

  • Tighter Skin

    Excess skin on the upper arms is removed. The remaining skin is pulled tight to reveal smoother, more youthful arms.

  • Less Fat

    Fat is removed from the upper arms, sometimes using liposuction, and sometimes by direct excision, to achieve the desired results.

  • More Clothing Options

    Many patients avoid wearing sleeveless shirts due to their condition, but an arm lift can allow patients to wear more arm-revealing clothing and improve their self-esteem.

The Arm Lift Process

Administering Anesthesia

Your arm lift surgery will likely be performed on an outpatient basis and begins with general anesthesia to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure.

Making Incisions

Thin incisions are created along the inside of the upper arms, extending from the armpits to near the elbows.

Removing Fat and Skin

Excess skin is excised, and liposuction can be used to remove fat as necessary. The residual skin is pulled together to achieve optimal results.

Closing the Incisions

Incisions are closed using sutures. Patients are removed from sedation and allowed to rest while the anesthesia wears off.

Addressing Your Concerns

Compression garments are used to reduce swelling and support your new arm contours. Dr. Boyd’s post-operative care instructions should be followed carefully. Pressure or strenuous motion should be avoided during your recuperation. Sutures are commonly removed within one week. Healing typically takes between two to three weeks, so take it easy, get plenty of rest, and listen to your body.

Scarring typically becomes pale and inconspicuous in six months to a year. Initially, the incision may be red, but this is hard to see since it lies the inside of the upper arm. With time, all incisions become lighter and fade.

The price of your arm lift depends on many variables, including anesthesia fees, hospital or surgical facility fees, any required medical testing, post-surgical dressings, prescription medications, surgeon costs, whether or not liposuction is included, and other contributing factors. During your consultation, Dr. Boyd and his staff will discuss your medical history and aesthetic desires and provide an accurate cost estimate.

Pain is usually minimal and can be controlled with prescription medication.

Before & After Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Adults who have upper arm skin laxity, are not excessively overweight, and have realistic expectations can benefit from an arm lift.

Patients are advised to arrange a driver to and from their surgical procedure. You may need someone to stay with you for the first night after your arm lift and help with daily tasks until you are healed. You will be given detailed preoperative instructions by Dr. Boyd.

Dr. Boyd has over 30 years of experience with arm lift surgery. He always takes care to place his incisions in the least visible position. The underside of the upper arm is reshaped and its contour returned to normal. His patients are thrilled to wear short-sleeved garments for the first time in many years.

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