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What Is a Breast Augmentation?

Many women feel that their breasts enhance their feminine curves and help create a proportionate body shape. When your breasts are small, you may lack these attractive curves and a balanced frame. Breast augmentation can increase the size and improve the shape of unattractive breasts. For many women, enlarging the breasts enhances their beauty and provides them with increased confidence in their bodies. Schedule a Breast Augmentation Consultation with Dr. J. Brian Boyd in South Bay.

Who Can Benefit?

When considering breast augmentation, you should first determine which of the following groups best describes your breast type.

  • Naturally Small Breasts

    Women under the age of 30 who have not experienced any age-related or post-pregnancy volume loss in the breasts. These women are born with breasts that are small or disproportionate to the rest of their frame. They often have good tissue elasticity with no sagging.

  • Post-Pregnancy Breasts

    Women generally between 25 and 40 years old who have experienced volume loss following pregnancy and nursing. These women still have relatively good tissue elasticity but may experience some minor sagging. Women should be finished nursing before their procedure.

  • Sagging, Deflated Breasts

    Women over the age of 40 who have lost volume due to the natural aging process. These women have weak breast tissue and may experience mild to moderate breast sagging. Women with breast drooping may benefit from a breast lift with their augmentation to achieve the best results possible.

What Do You Desire?

Pre-Baby Breasts

The breasts grow during pregnancy, but sometimes the size change doesn’t last. When the breasts revert to their original state, they can appear empty or stretched. Many women miss the firmness and attractive appearance of their pre-baby breasts. Implants can add volume and help fill out the breasts and restore perky, pre-pregnancy breasts.

Shapely Breasts

Many women with small breasts feel self-conscious about the shape of their breasts as well as the size. In some cases, the breasts lack definition or have an abnormal shape. Round and anatomical implants are available to help you achieve an attractive breast shape that flatters your body.

A Natural Appearance

For women who desire natural-appearing breasts, anatomically shaped silicone implants are the best choice. Silicone implants have a more realistic look and feel than saline implants. Furthermore, the shaped (gummy-bear) variety have a natural breast appearance. When placed under the pectoral muscle, a more natural breast slope is created at the upper pole. Silicone implants have the added benefit of showing less rippling or wrinkling, improving the overall appearance of the breast.

Symmetrical Breasts

Asymmetrical breasts are common among women and can be expressed as a subtle or dramatic shape and/or size difference between the breasts. Many women find it difficult to shop for bras that properly fit their breasts and are embarrassed by the size difference. Choosing different sized implants can help correct the appearance of asymmetrical breasts.


The breasts are often a symbol of feminine beauty, and when a woman feels that her breasts don’t enhance her beauty, her confidence can suffer. Having better-proportioned breasts that create attractive curves helps many women feel more comfortable in their bodies. This can boost self confidence, thereby improving many aspects of their lives.

Addressing Your Concerns

Bruising, redness, swelling, and mild discomfort are common following breast augmentation surgery. You will feel tired from the anesthesia and should rest for the first two days in a reclining position to improve circulation. You should avoid strenuous physical activity following your procedure. Most patients can return to non-physically demanding jobs within one to two weeks of the surgery. You may resume normal physical activities with your doctor’s permission after four to six weeks.

Depending on your incision location, you may develop visible scarring. Many women choose to utilize a transaxillary (armpit) incision to eliminate scarring on the breasts. Most scarring is likely to fade over time.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery is determined on a patient-by-patient basis. Variable costs including implant type, surgical fees, and anesthesia fees affect the ultimate cost of your procedure. During your initial consultation, a more accurate quote can be given after your evaluation.

While cost is an important factor when choosing a surgeon, it is important to feel comfortable with your doctor and view his or her before and after photos. Dr. Boyd has over 25 years of plastic surgery experience, during which he has consistently provided women with attractive, natural-appearing breasts.

Mild discomfort is common following breast augmentation surgery. This discomfort may be in the form of pressure on your chest as a result of the added weight from the implants. Any associated pain is controlled using oral medication prescribed by your surgeon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While many women choose silicone implants for their natural feel, some women still prefer saline implants. Saline implants can be placed through a smaller incision site than silicone since they are filled with the saltwater solution after insertion. Ruptures are also more noticeable with saline implants, making early detection possible.

  • Inframammary: Along the breast crease

  • Periareolar: Around the areola

  • Transaxillary: In the armpit

  • Subglandular placement: Under the breast tissue but over the muscle. Provides a high profile implant appearance. Petite women may not have enough breast tissue to mask implant edging.

  • Submuscular placement: Under the breast tissue and chest muscle. Provides a more subtle breast slope and helps mask the edges of the implants.

Implant size is decided based on your aesthetic goals and your body’s natural build. Dr. Boyd can help you decide on the best implant size for you during your consultation.

General anesthesia is used for a pain-free and safe surgery.

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