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Some of the main concerns patients have before surgery are the risks associated with general anesthesia. While the surgery itself may be safe, general anesthesia can make procedures far more complicated.

Our Signature Procedure - The California Lift
An In-Office Facelift With Local Anesthesia

The California Lift, our signature procedure, provides patients with a younger facial appearance without general anesthesia. It is important to note that this is not a compromised lift, such as a mini facelift, a weekend lift, or a minimally invasive facelift. Instead, the California Lift has all the benefits of a full facelift, addressing the mid and lower sections of the face, with the safety and practicality of local anesthesia.

Actual Patient Results

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What Does a California Lift Treat?

Drooping Cheeks

As we age, we lose volume in our face, specifically in the cheeks. This loss of volume can cause cheeks to droop and sag. It can also produce visible wrinkles in the cheek skin.

Dr. Boyd's in-office California Lift tightens and lifts the underlying facial muscles to provide youthful, lifted cheeks.


Jowls are folds of excess sagging skin sitting along the jawline lateral to the "marionette" lines that descend from the corners of the mouth. Jowls become prominent due to descent of the tissues against the underlying ligamentous attachments defining their anterior border.

This surgery divides these ligaments, tightens the musculoaponeurotic layer, and removes excess skin to create a more defined jawline.

Neck Wrinkles

With aging, neck skin begins to sag, and vertical platysma muscle bands develop under the chin. This gives the appearance of a “turkey gobbler neck” – the hallmark of old age.

The California Lift tightens both the platysma and the sagging skin on the neck, allowing for a more youthful, smooth neck appearance.

Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are the parentheses that extend from the nose to the corners of the mouth. Also known as smile lines, these deep wrinkles can become more and more etched into the skin with each smile as the patient ages. The downward extension of these folds to the prejowl areas constitute the "marionette" lines.

A California Lift can tighten the skin around the mouth to smooth these unwanted wrinkles and folds.

What Is Involved in a California Lift?

  • Consultation

    What Is a California Lift Consultation Like?

    During your consultation, Dr. Boyd will review your medical history and evaluate your facial concerns to determine if the procedure is right for you. Once you are confirmed as a candidate, Dr. Boyd will create a personalized surgical plan based on your needs.

    Please use this time to ask any questions you may have.

  • Anesthesia

    Local Anesthesia Facelift

    This procedure is performed using local anesthesia and oral sedation. Some patients may have medical conditions that make a conventional facelift more appropriate. Please speak with Dr. Boyd to explore other options if you are concerned about being awake during your facelift.

  • Incisions

    Where Are the Incisions for the California Lift?

    The incisions used for this procedure are the same as those used for a traditional facelift.

    They begin transversely in the sideburn just above the attachment of each ear and extend downward in the crease just in front of the tragus. Passing around the attachment of lobule to cheek, they then pass up the groove behind the ear to reach the postauricular scalp. Finally, they extend backwards a variable distance within the hairline.

  • Procedure

    How Is a California Lift Done?

    After extensive infiltration of local anesthetic solution, the skin is elevated from the underlying musculoaponeurotic layer. Elevation extends widely enough to divide the pre-jowl ligament mentioned above. Using his own special weaving technique and employing special barbed sutures, Dr. Boyd tightens the musculoaponeurotic (SMAS) layer. He then trims away the redundant skin before closing the wound.

    This procedure tightens both the skin and the underlying muscles to reduce sagging and wrinkles in the face and neck.

What Are Your California Lift Concerns?


How Long Does It Take to Recover From a California Lift?

Since you do not have to deal with the aftermath of general anesthesia, recovery is much more bearable. There is less nausea and few fluctuations in blood pressure. Since you are awake during the procedure, you can virtually get off the operating table yourself and walk out the door once you are ready!

You will return to the office the next day so Dr. Boyd can remove your drains and bandages. He will replace them with a velcro headband. You can shower on the third day of your recovery. Skin sutures in the scalp that hold the incisions closed are taken out in one week, whereas the inside SMAS sutures dissolve over several months. You will wear the headband for at least one week, and it is best to avoid strenuous activity for one month.


Will I Be Left With Noticeable Scars After My California Lift?

As with any surgery requiring incisions, scarring is inevitable. However, Dr. Boyd works to place incisions in inconspicuous areas so that hair and makeup can easily camouflage bruising, scars, and swelling.

For the first few months, your scars may be red (although coverable by makeup). It may take up to six months for your scars to appear normal, and most scars continue to fade over time.


How Much Does a California Lift Cost?

The California Lift cost will vary between patients depending on the presence or absence of ancillary procedures. The cost of a California Lift is generally less expensive than a traditional facelift because you are not paying for an anesthesiologist or operating room expenses. Nevertheless, the extent of the lift is exactly the same.


Is a California Lift Painful?

A California Lift is performed using local anesthesia and oral sedation to ensure you are not in any pain during the surgery. You may experience pain and discomfort during your recovery that can be managed with over-the-counter or prescription medication.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be a candidate if you are experiencing early signs of aging, such as prominent jowls, creases in the cheeks, and a sagging neck. California Lift candidates must be in good health and have realistic expectations of their results. Some individuals may prefer to have a traditional facelift, while others, due to underlying medical conditions, may not be candidates for the California Lift.

A consultation with Dr. Boyd will determine if this procedure is right for you.

This surgery time can vary from patient to patient, also depending on if any other procedures have been added.

Your results can be seen immediately after surgery. However, swelling and bruising will develop over the next few days. You will continue to see improved results as time goes on.

The California Lift will allow you to look 10 years younger. The aging process will continue, but you'll always look about 10 years younger than if you hadn't had the procedure.

Dr. Boyd may recommend general anesthesia or IV sedation for patients who are very nervous and cannot handle being awake for a three-hour procedure. Patients with medical issues, such as unstable blood pressure, that need to be monitored by another doctor may also need general anesthesia.

When a patient is put under general anesthesia, their blood pressure oscillates. Local anesthesia allows the patient’s blood pressure to remain stable, minimizing the risk of bleeding complications.

General anesthesia also has more extensive side effects after surgery, which may include nausea, vomiting, grogginess, shivering, dry mouth, and a sore throat.

While both men and women develop signs of facial aging, they usually have different concerns and reasons to undergo a facial rejuvenation procedure. Women often want to get rid of drooping cheeks and wrinkles. More often, men seek facelift surgery to restore a more defined jawline and neck. Read our blog for more information about male facelift surgery and how Dr. Boyd tailors his facelift techniques for men.

Dr. Boyd also offers a simple anterior neck lift for men interested in rejuvenating their chin, neck, and jawline.

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