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Anatomical Implants

Although they have distinct advantages in certain clinical scenarios, anatomical implants (also known as “gummy bear” or shaped implants) may cause certain cosmetic issues and specific surgical complications after breast augmentation. If you have problems with your anatomical implants, Dr. Boyd can perform breast revision surgery to correct the issues and improve your results.

What Problems Can Arise With Anatomical Implants?

You may need revisionary breast surgery if your anatomical implants are malpositioned or if they shift or rotate after insertion. Malpositioned or shifted anatomical implants can cause the breasts to appear misshapen, upside down, or asymmetrical and may also lead to double bubble deformity, bottoming out, or other surgical complications.

Who Is At Risk?

Of all women who choose anatomical implants, approximately five to 10 percent are at risk of implant malpositioning or postoperative implant movement. You are certainly at risk if your surgeon does not correctly position the implants during the initial breast augmentation procedure. Your risk is also greater if your anatomical implants are smooth instead of textured. Textured implants bind to the tissues of the breast pocket, making them less likely to rotate or shift after insertion. Sometimes, a collection of fluid called a seroma can effectively enlarge the pocket and cause the implant to lose its position, even if it is textured. The best way to reduce your risk of experiencing these complications is to choose round implants.

How Can I Recognize Problems With My Anatomical Implants?

If anatomical implants shift or are malpositioned, there will most likely be a noticeable cosmetic issue. The affected breast will appear misshapen and probably be asymmetrical with the contralateral breast. Even a subtle five-degree shift can cause the breast to appear misshapen. You may also observe bottoming out or double bubble deformity, which can occur with postoperative implant movement or rotation.

How Can Breast Revision Surgery Correct Problems With My Anatomical Implants?

Dr. Boyd performs breast revision surgery to correct problems associated with anatomical implants, including malposition and postoperative movement. To correct the issue, he can do one of two things: he can surgically reposition the malpositioned or shifted anatomical implant; alternatively, he can exchange both anatomical implants for round implants. Dr. Boyd may recommend the latter option so that if postoperative implant rotation occurs again, it will not cause your breast to appear misshapen. In both instances, the breast pocket will have to be surgically modified. If your anatomical implants have led to double bubble deformity, bottoming out, or any other related complication, Dr. Boyd will surgically correct these issues as well.

If you have anatomical implants and one or both of your breasts appear misshapen, schedule your consultation for revisionary breast surgery with Dr. Boyd. Call (310) 597-4734 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment today.

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