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Double Bubble Deformity

Double bubble deformity is a rare surgical complication that may occur following breast augmentation. If you have double bubble deformity, revisionary breast surgery with Dr. Boyd can correct the issue and restore a more natural and pleasing breast appearance.

What Is Double Bubble Deformity?

There are two conditions affecting the augmented breast that are commonly referred to as double bubble deformity. One of these is when the breast implant appears to rise upward, causing the skin at the lower pole of the breast to look loose. This creates the appearance of a second “bubble” or empty sac of skin beneath the implant. The other type of double bubble deformity can occur when the breast implant slips down and part of it rests below the normal breast crease. The relatively tight crease indents the implant transversely, dividing it in two and creating a second “bubble” beneath the breast. The first type of double bubble deformity is often associated with capsular contracture and may become painful.

Who Is At Risk?

Women with breast implants typically have about a two to four percent risk of double bubble deformity. This complication is most often found in women who have a constricted lower breast, a sharply defined breast crease, or a short distance between nipple and crease, as these characteristics limit the ability of the breast pocket to support the implant. If these physical characteristics are combined with large breast implants, the risk of double bubble deformity may increase further. Choosing a transaxillary or transumbilical incision for your initial breast augmentation may also increase your risk of double bubble deformity, as these techniques limit the surgeon’s ability to ensure optimal implant placement. Natural breast sagging that occurs with aging can also lead to double bubble deformity in which the breast tissue sags and accumulates underneath the implants.

How Can I Recognize Double Bubble Deformity?

Double bubble deformity often occurs gradually over time. You may notice your breast implant shifting upward or downward, or you may observe your breast tissue beginning to sag with age while your implants remain in place. Double bubble deformity can also be identified when either the implant or breast tissue has created the appearance of a second bulge beneath the breast. The implant may seem elevated while the skin of the lower breast appears loose, or the implant may appear to have sunk downward. You may experience painful scar tissue and may also recognize the visible breast distortion, hardness, and coldness associated with capsular contracture.

How Can Breast Revision Surgery Correct Double Bubble Deformity?

Dr. Boyd can perform revisionary breast surgery to correct your double bubble deformity. First, he will carry out a capsulectomy to loosen the breast pocket and surgically remove any scar tissue. Next, he will remove and replace the breast implants, often with smaller ones if the breast pocket or tissue cannot support the size you have. He will also reconstruct the breast crease if it has become stretched out and no longer resists downward movement of the implant. Finally, he will perform a breast lift and tighten the lower breast tissue to minimize the risk of implant movement in the future. This revisionary procedure may lead to a little more scarring than you had after your initial breast augmentation, but it is necessary to correct double bubble deformity and restore the attractive appearance of your breasts.

If you have double bubble deformity, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Boyd for revisionary breast surgery. Call (310) 597-4734 or complete our online contact form today to book your consultation.

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