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Implants Size Change

While most women are highly satisfied with the size of their breast implants, others may at some point wish to have their implants exchanged for larger or smaller ones. If you are interested in changing the size of your implants, Dr. Boyd can perform breast revision surgery to replace your implants with those of your desired size.

What Is Implants Size Change?

After breast augmentation, some women feel that their breast implants are too large or too small. Their dissatisfaction can be an immediate reaction or a decision made after many years due to shifting personal and social preferences. Even with 3D-imaging technology and expert doctor recommendations before breast augmentation, some women may be dissatisfied with their new size soon after surgery. Others may be happy after breast augmentation, but as they age, their preferences change.

Who Is Likely to Need Implants Size Change?

About 12 to 15 percent of women with breast implants desire to change the size of their implants at some point. Younger women may be more likely to want to upsize. Women who are in their 40s or 50s may be more likely to downsize. Often, patients are given recommendations by their friends to choose a particular size, which ultimately results in less than desirable outcomes. To minimize your likelihood of needing an implant size change, be sure that you and your surgeon have considered all relevant factors before you select your breast implants for your initial breast augmentation, including your breast shape, natural size, anatomy, how your body will age, skin tone, the implant profile you desire, and specific characteristics of the available implants.

What Are the Reasons Women May Need Implants Size Change?

Many women need their implants changed for a smaller or larger size because of their preferred aesthetic appearance. Younger women often desire to switch out their implants for larger ones to achieve a more voluptuous or curvy figure. Older women often want smaller implants so that they feel less heavy and matronly. Some women may need smaller-sized implants due to surgical complications related to having overly large implants, such as bottoming out or double bubble deformity. Additionally, some women have limited natural breast tissue and must initially go with smaller implants than they would like. Then, after the breast tissue has expanded and stretched for a year or two, these women can safely exchange their implants for larger ones. Your breast implants should be flattering for your body, which means that they should fit with both your anatomy and your preferences. If they do not, you can have them exchanged.

How Can Breast Revision Surgery Change Implant Sizes?

Revisionary breast surgery can change the size of your breast implants. Once the desired implant size has been chosen, Dr. Boyd will replace your current implants with the ones you prefer. Your new implants may also be of a different material, shape, or profile if that is your wish. In some cases, Dr. Boyd will also perform a concurrent breast lift and modify the capsules to ensure that they can accommodate the new implants.

If you are interested in changing the size of your breast implants, schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Brian Boyd for breast revision surgery. Call (310) 597-4734 today or fill our online contact form at your convenience.

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