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Breast Implant Positioning Issues

Breast implant malposition can sometimes happen after breast augmentation. If you believe one or both of your breast implants are malpositioned, Dr. Boyd can perform revisionary breast surgery to improve the symmetry of your implant(s).

What Are Positioning Issues?

Positioning issues with breast implants include any situation in which the implant does not rest in its proper location. This can occur with one or both breast implants. Sometimes an implant may shift gradually over time until it sits too high, too low, or off to the side. Because the sides are the least supported after breast augmentation, it is common for positioning issues to involve lateral displacement of the implant(s). Positioning issues can also occur as a result of poor placement of the implant(s) during the initial breast augmentation surgery. Implant malposition can lead to other complications such as double bubble deformity, bottoming out, and inadequate cleavage.

Who Is At Risk?

Breast augmentation patients have approximately a 10 to 15 percent risk of experiencing positioning issues. This risk is higher for those who choose smooth implants because they are more likely than textured implants to shift after breast augmentation. The risk may also be higher for patients who undergo transaxillary or transumbilical breast augmentation, as these techniques limit the surgeon’s ability to carefully position the implant(s). Another risk factor is poor selection of your breast augmentation surgeon. You should avoid working with an inexperienced surgeon who may insert implants that are too large to fit properly with the dimensions of your chest. Overly large implants are more likely to cause complications such as malposition, double bubble deformity, and bottoming out. Qualified surgeons will discourage you from selecting implants that are inappropriate for your anatomy and will be experienced enough to avoid implant malpositioning during breast augmentation surgery. You can also mitigate your risk by wearing a supportive bra as much as possible after surgery to help the implants remain in place while the pocket becomes stable.

How Can I Recognize Positioning Issues?

Implant malposition may occur gradually and may therefore be difficult to detect. All breast implants shift slightly as they settle into position over time. However, if that movement is excessive, you may have positioning issues. Common symptoms include inadequate or unnatural-looking cleavage, bottoming out, and double bubble deformity. You may also observe your implant(s) moving to the side when you lie down on your back.

How Can Breast Revision Surgery Correct Positioning Issues?

Correction of positioning issues usually requires surgery. Dr. Boyd can perform revisionary breast surgery to correct implant malposition. Treatment typically includes adjustment of the breast pocket(s), removal of excess scar tissue, and replacement of the implant(s). Dr. Boyd will reshape and tighten your breast pocket(s) and may use an acellular dermal matrix to support excessively thinned capsule(s). By reshaping and tightening the capsule(s), new implants will be less likely to shift or become malpositioned in the future. Dr. Boyd may also repair or release the pectoral muscle(s) and perform a breast lift if necessary to achieve the best cosmetic results.

Positioning issues with your breast implant(s) can occur after your breast augmentation. Call (310) 597-4734 or fill our online contact form today to schedule your personal consultation for breast revision with Dr. Boyd.

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