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5 Reasons Why the Endoscopic Brow Lift Is Better Than a Traditional Brow Lift

Posted September 13, 2017 in Brow Lift

Brow Lift Before and After PhotosA common sign of aging is that the eyebrows begin to sag, causing the upper eyelid skin to gather. Individuals with sagging brows can undergo a brow lift to reposition them into a more youthful place. Brow lift surgery rejuvenates the face, as well as the upper eyelids, and can help you look more awake, refreshed, relaxed, and cheerful. For the reasons listed below, Dr. Boyd performs all brow lifts endoscopically instead of using the traditional coronal brow lift technique.

1. Smaller Incisions Lead to Reduced Scarring

A traditional brow lift includes a coronal incision that goes over the top of the head, extending from ear to ear. This lengthy incision can leave a long, prominent scar often causing an artificial part in the hair. With the endoscopic brow lift, five small incisions are placed behind the hairline. Because these incisions are short, this technique leads to significantly reduced scarring and minimizes any effect on hair growth.

2. The Surgeon Has a Magnified View of the Surgical Field

An endoscope is a specialized instrument that transmits the operative field onto a high definition screen. This monitor magnifies the surgical site so that the surgeon can visualize it in greater detail than with the human eye. This facilitates dissection of the frowning musculature (corrugators) and may reduce some of the levels of risk associated with open brow lift surgery.

3. There Is Less Risk of Nerve Damage and Complications

Using an endoscope to perform brow lift surgery improves the surgeon’s visual field. The operative area is magnified on a high-definition flat screen monitor, helping Dr. Boyd exercise greater care and caution during the procedure. This reduces the risk of damage to the tissues, particularly the sensory nerves of the forehead that run through the corrugator muscles in the glabella area. Additionally, because the incisions are much smaller than with the traditional brow lift, the risk of tissue trauma is much lower with this technique.

4. Improved Release and Lift of the Forehead Leads to Better Results

An endoscopic brow lift allows the surgeon to get a better release and lift of the sagging brow tissues in comparison to the older traditional method. This leads to better results for the patient. The surgeon can reduce the corrugator muscles between the eyebrows to minimize frown lines and restore a youthful, approachable appearance.

5. The Recovery Is Quicker

An endoscopic brow lift has a quicker recovery than a traditional brow lift. Because the incisions are smaller, they tend to heal more quickly and cause less discomfort. Patients can expect to be able to return to work in two weeks or even sooner if they do not mind visible bruising.

An endoscopic brow lift can rejuvenate your appearance by raising sagging brows and reversing frown lines. Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brian Boyd is a skilled operator and would be happy to help you reach your aesthetic goals by performing your brow lift procedure. To request your consultation, call 310.597.4734 or contact us online today.

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