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Can I Undergo Rhinoplasty If I am a Teenager?

Posted August 28, 2019 in Rhinoplasty

Teenagers are often bullied at school when they have a crooked, lop-sided, misshapen, or unappealing nose. The shape of the nose is usually a product of genetics and ethnicity and often one’s reaction to it depends on cultural as well as aesthetic factors. Some individuals dislike an exaggerated ethnic appearance, while others would prefer to create or restore it when it is absent.

Regardless of the reason behind not feeling satisfied with one’s nose, rhinoplasty (nose job) can remove bumps, lumps, humps, and deviations while refining the anatomy already present to improve the aesthetic appearance. Properly and conservatively performed, a nose job can restore facial harmony and balance to one’s face.

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What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed mainly on the skeletal framework of the nose designed to produce a desired change in nasal shape. This change in appearance frequently leads to a boost in self-esteem and self-worth.

What Are the Surgical Techniques?

During rhinoplasty, incisions are made in the nasal lining just inside the nostrils (closed approach). Sometimes these are linked by a tiny incision that crosses the columella (the lower part of the nasal septum lying between the nostrils) at its narrowest point (the open approach). The open approach allows Dr. Boyd to peel back the skin of the nose and directly visualize the anatomy and any deformities present, particularly of the tip. The closed method yields no external scars. Dr. Boyd uses this method when the nasal tip is not a major problem.

Thick nasal skin can be problematic in that it does not drape well over the new nasal framework. Furthermore, it can take longer to heal and for postoperative swelling to resolve. Put simply, this means that thicker nasal skin requires more healing time to adjust to the new contours of the nose. The surgical technique involved will depend on the patient’s nasal concerns, the perceived deformity and the findings on examination.

Whether one desires a straight or turned-up nose, a thinner structure, improved breathing, or even nasal augmentation, rhinoplasty is a safe, efficient procedure that can help improve one’s confidence by achieving these goals.

What Is the Ideal Age for Rhinoplasty?

Dr. Boyd makes an assessment of each patient to determine if they are mature enough to undergo rhinoplasty, or indeed any surgery. That said, there is no specific, optimal age to perform rhinoplasty. Dr. Boyd will also assess the patient’s facial structure and growth to determine the optimal timing (usually once the face has finished growing). He has seen patients between the ages of 15 and 18 achieve full skeletal growth and subsequently undergo rhinoplasty, so it all depends on the patient’s development, maturity. and their unique facial anatomy.

Boys typically take longer than girls to complete their facial growth, so their minimum age tends to be slightly higher, generally around 16. The best approach for teens considering rhinoplasty is for they and their parents to schedule a consultation with Dr. Boyd to discuss their concerns and undergo an full evaluation.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of the rhinoplasty will depend on many different factors, including the extent of the surgical procedure, whether the surgery is aimed at correcting a previous rhinoplasty (secondary rhinoplasties are more complex), whether breathing issues need to be addressed, or whether the nose needs to be straightened. Other factors include the estimated length of the surgery, the facility chosen, and the type of anesthesia selected. Finally, the proportion of the procedure, if any, covered by insurance affects the out-of-pocket cost. These details are discussed during your consultation.

A prominent nose can be a thing of the past with rhinoplasty. Not only can nasal surgery fix a cosmetic concern that bothers you, but it can also improve breathing by addressing a deviated septum or other structural problem that impedes your nasal function.

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