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What Is the Anterior Neck Lift for Men?

Posted June 16, 2020 in Facelift, Neck Lift

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For men with aging in the lower face and neck, an anterior neck lift (cervicofacial rhytidectomy) can shave years off their appearance and serve as an alternative to a full facelift, producing a more flattering profile with no midface change.

Man with surgical lines on his chin in preparation for plastic surgery.

Older men who opt for neck rejuvenation do so because of ‘turkey gobbler’ neck folds that not only call attention to aging, but also interfere with shaving and buttoning shirt collars. Younger men simply want a better-defined chin and cleaner neckline. While most women struggle with laxity of both the neck and face (including the cheeks, nose, and mouth), men’s dissatisfaction is more specifically related to their lower face. Therefore, for men who only wish to address the neck, chin, and jawline, an anterior neck lift represents the best bang for the buck!  

Good candidates for the procedure still have good skin elasticity and wish for more dramatic results than available with liposuction alone. A regular facelift tightens the neck somewhat remotely from incisions placed around the ears. Because of this, the force of pull is somewhat dissipated by the time it reaches the anterior neck. On the other hand, with anterior neck lifting, the redundant neck folds are simply cut out and the skin is tightened directly where it is loosest.

How Is the Anterior Neck Lift Performed?

If you have fat deposits over the long neck muscles or loose skin under your chin, the anterior neck lift can improve your appearance by removing the fat and tightening skin in addition to the neck muscles. For those who have undergone rapid weight loss, this procedure can dramatically remove loose skin around the neck.

The approach for men involves a zig-zag incision under the chin extending down the anterior neck. The scars heal surprisingly well and are inconspicuous in six months.

How Is an Anterior Neck Lift an Alternative to a Facelift?

For some men, the anterior neck lift allows them to achieve their desired results without undergoing a full facelift. An anterior neck lift resembles a lower facelift; however, it focuses on the immediate problem of anterior neck looseness and tackles it directly, improving the appearance of the neck without dealing with sagging cheeks or laugh lines. A traditional facelift is an even more comprehensive technique involving extensive dissection that addresses many regions of the face, neck and brow: regions that in most men may not require adjustment. Furthermore, a facelift requires four or five hours of general anesthesia, whereas the anterior neck lift can be performed in the office under local anesthetic in less than one. Importantly, unlike some ‘lesser’ techniques, the results in the area of concern (the anterior neck) are actually better than those achieved with the larger operation, although, it must be admitted, the effects are limited to the anterior neck.

You can expect a recovery period of a week to 10 days before returning to work. This is faster than most facelift procedures.

What Are the Benefits of Anterior Neck Lift?

After an anterior neck lift, you can expect both an improved profile and front-facing appearance. This procedure cleans up the jawline and the neck folds directly under your chin.

If you are young and have minimal to no skin laxity, you may benefit from liposuction alone. However, middle-aged and mature patients with moderate fat and muscle laxity often benefit more from an anterior neck lift.

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